Dispute Resolution

All of our courses are developed on a bespoke basis in partnership with our clients. They are delivered in-house, usually at the client’s premises. Subject to ensuring that educational standards are maintained, clients may also choose topics from any of our courses for integration into one course.


Our course designers and trainers have a wealth of experience, having worked for organisations such as the College of Law and Nottingham Law School (amongst others). Over the years they have taught thousands of successful lawyers.

We apply the most effective training techniques to suit you. Along with our friendly consultative approach, we pride ourselves in providing you with top quality and relevant training.


Each of our courses, in controlled conditions, allows delegates to come to their own conclusions. They are then able to consider how to apply the skills they have learned to everyday practice.

A typical course works through a case study with the participants working in teams. The courses have a certain pace and style of presentation and work on the basis that individuals can only absorb information in short bursts. Each programme contains cycles beginning with a short presentation; followed by a period set aside to work in teams and then a session of feedback from the trainer. The cycle is repeated throughout the day and aims to keep the participants alert and enthusiastic.


We can create modules that are streamlined, educational and relevant to your firm’s needs. We design the programmes specifically drawing on your firm’s knowledge, experience and the skills of your senior practitioners. We can deliver structured litigation training as well as general skills courses from presentation techniques to negotiation. Your course will be designed to reflect your firm’s philosophy. This is an advantage if you wish to impart a style of approach to your employees. Each course is flexible and tailored to suit the numbers attending and the times that the delegates are available.


Our courses

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