Structured Litigation Training

Courses in our structured dispute resolution programmes are aimed at junior litigators (0–5 years qualified) but fee earners of all levels of qualification are welcome to attend. Each course can be delivered in isolation.

We run a number of structured dispute resolution programmes for regional, national and international law firms. Each one is different as we develop the courses with our clients to ensure that they meet each client’s exact requirements.

As a starting point, we suggest that any structured dispute resolution course should consist of 6 modules. Each module should be a one day programme (09:30-17:00), designed for up to 10 delegates. The courses are a mixture of short presentations, group exercises and feedback and discussion sessions. The delegates follow the developments in a case study, which could be based on a real case that your firm has conducted.

We will work with you to ensure that your firm’s individual approach to dispute resolution is incorporated into the programme.

We recommend four compulsory ‘core’ modules:

  1. Case analysis and pre-action behaviour;
  2. Case management and disclosure;
  3. Litigation drafting skills; and
  4. Negotiation and mediation.

The remaining two modules could be chosen by individual delegates (subject to a sufficient number of delegates being interested in each module to make running it viable). Suggested optional modules are:

  1. Advanced mediation;
  2. Expert witnesses;
  3. Interim advocacy;
  4. Costs management post-Jackson; and
  5. Search orders and freezing injunctions.

Modules can be run as frequently as you choose. Generally our clients run at least one complete programme in a calendar year. As a minimum we would recommend that each delegate undertaking the course completes a minimum of two modules in a calendar year.

The objectives of these modules are to:


  • Ensure junior litigators understand the key stages in the litigation process;
  • Establish and promote awareness of your firm’s approach to the conduct and management of disputes;
  • Promote awareness of your firm’s resources (people, precedents and procedures);
  • Promote awareness of your firm’s approach to document management and case management;
  • Work through the practical journey of litigation activities according to your firm’s principles;
  • Demonstrate the importance of a strategic approach to dispute management;
  • Focus from the outset on trial and/or settlement (rather than the next immediate step); and
  • Introduce junior litigators to the financial aspects of litigation by way of cost estimates and budgeting.


Please contact us if you would like to discuss your particular training needs with us in greater detail. Finally, please note that all of these modules are available to be run as stand-alone one day programmes.