Applying for Injunctions

Search orders and freezing injunctions are the most draconian remedies available in the civil courts. The procedure for applying for and executing an order is complex and subject to special rules. However, solicitors must often move quickly, in pressured circumstances, to seek relief from the court.

This course looks at the procedural and practical issues which arise when a search order or freezing injunction is sought in civil proceedings. Following a case study, delegates will consider:

  • Identifying causes of action, parties and substantive remedies
  • The criteria for obtaining a search order
  • The criteria for obtaining a freezing injunction
  • Practical considerations when planning the application
  • Making the application - procedural rules
  • The Supervising Solicitor
  • Conducting the search
  • After the search order - what happens next
  • Continuing a freezing injunction
  • Worldwide freezing orders